This site is currently being revamped and will look a bit messy for a short period. When the new site is up and running, it will be totally different. A lot of bars are out of date. This is now being addressed for the short term. For any immediate enquiries, contact me via my Twitter account and i will see what i can do. Thank you for your patience. (10th March 2020)

Welcome to the 18th year of Celticbars, the Internet guide to Celtic friendly bars around the world. I started this site in 2001 and it has been guiding Celtic fans where to watch the Hoops and meet fellow supporters from far and wide since then. I have had fantastic support in that time and look forward to many more years to come.

This site would be nothing without the feedback that I receive. It is appreciated when people take the time to inform me of changes. I am aware that the site is not perfect, but it is to be used as a guide to give us a fighting chance to find somewhere. Don’t expect miracles in far flung places. Please don’t just send me a list of Irish Bars unless they have a local Celtic FC connection.

I am also aware that the bars are not used exclusively by Celtic fans, but fans from other teams. If any landlord doesn't want to be associated with the greatest team in the world, email me and I will take it off. Hope this site is a help to you. Hail Hail

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