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Japan - Paddy Foley’s in Tokyo has now shut. Check the                 Tokyo CSC website for further news. If you want                 a chance to see a game, try The Sports Cafe,                   Roppongi or Failte in Shibuja (Tokyo CSC)

Jersey - Soleil Levant, Bath St,  JE2 4ST                             (Tel: +44 1534 735759) (Jersey CSC)

Johnstone - 20:10 Bar, 80 High Street, PA5 8SP                    (Tel: 01505 228194) (Spateston No1 CSC)

Johnstone - Thorn Inn, 28 Thornhill, PA5 8JG                            (Tel: 01505 325388)

Johnstone - Nip Inn, 9 Houstoun Square, PA5 8DT                           (Tel: 01505 340345)

Registered and established 2001
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